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Join a wine club where you know you’ll enjoy every wine in the box, because you’ve hand selected them.

Sign up to our Wine Club to receive 15% off our core range of wines and 10% off our premium wines, have regular deliveries arrive at your doorstep and never pay for shipping again!

It’s easy and flexible. We listened to our customers who said they’d like to join the Club but only wanted certain wines in their pack – so you are now in control over what goes into your mixed dozen.

First you need to select whether you’d like your deliveries every 6 months (biannually) or every 3 months (quarterly). From there you’ll be able to select each of the bottles you’d like included in your mixed dozen and click through to the checkout. Please note that due to the limited production of some wines, some of your selections may be limited as to how many you can include in your pack.

You’ll have the ability to change the configuration of your mix down the track so you can adjust your pack for winter or summer for example. Or add in a couple of premium bottles for that special celebration coming up, then take them out next time. It’s completely up to you and totally in your hands!



Select how many bottles per pack


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