Think you know Barossa? Think again. 50+ Barossans to meet. 300+ wines to try. It’s time to unearth something new. Sydney 13 July | Melbourne 20 July

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Here’s a little Q&A with Darren Naylor from Brockenchack Wines who will be representing Brockenchack at these two events.


Tell us something about you (or your wine) that we don’t know: Our cellar door used to be a brothel!

Give us one word that sums up Barossa: Quality

You’re going to a friend’s place for dinner, what drinks do you take? A Brockenchack Megan Jane Grenache

You have been given a cloak of invisibility. Whose wine do you go and grab a bottle of at Barossa Be Consumed? Cyril Henschke Cabernet Sauvignon

What’s your perfect night in (or your perfect night out)? A tomahawk steak with a bottle of Jack Harrison Shiraz while watching the Wallabies (hopefully winning the Bledisloe Cup)

What’s your food or wine guilty pleasure: Any big red, assorted meats and an open fire.

What are some of your favourite road trip songs? Anything from Midnight Oil to Nirvana or The Wombats

What grape variety or wine style most interests you at the moment? Pinot Noir

You can ask any 3 people (alive or not) to a Barossa dinner party, who gets an invite? My Dad, my son and Nelson Mandella

What food is on the table? Lamb with Trevor’s home made thick cut Italian chips

Name your one Barossa ‘must do’: the Brockenchack zip line ride

Your most memorable wine? Or the wine that got you interested in the wine caper? 1996 Elderton Ashmead Cabernet Sauvignon

You know you ’re in Barossa when you …. See the rolling hills and gum tree lined roads of Eden Valley.