You’ve been enjoying our 17 Pinot Noir and 17 Grenache for some time and I am thrilled to be able to share our new 17 Cabernet release with you now.

With the cooler weather now upon us, Marilyn and I (and Jack now that he’s 18) have been opening more reds of late, including this beautiful new release.
We were very happy with the 2017 vintage here in Eden Valley. Good soil moisture and cooler temperatures in the lead up to the 2017 harvest resulted in extremely healthy vines at vintage time. A later than usual harvest date meant the grapes ripened more slowly, enabling consistent fruit development and a gradual accumulation of sugars and flavours, which is exactly what winemakers are looking for to produce high quality wines.
Eden Valley’s 17 vintage has produced some quite outstanding red wines – showing heightened spice aromatics, anise, pepper and fine tannins.
I hope you enjoy this second release as much as we do…
Trevor Harch

2017 saw some nicely timed late rains in January and February which lead to consistent fruit development. Slightly later picking then previous years has resulted in our Cabernet becoming quite vibrant and intense.

Here we find unique aromatics for an Eden Cabernet; mocha, black cherry, white chocolate and only delicate leafiness.

Showing colours like lush kalamata olives, this is a dark and broody Cabernet upon release.

Vibrant flavours of ripe dark fruits are in charge here, blackberry and black currant, with texture to match, settling into gentle white chocolate, raspberry, and liquorice appearing in cameo.

Gripping cocoa infused tannins and tight acid all add to the complexity required to make our Cabernet style perfectly calibrated.

We suggest aerating this wine as you pour it into your glass to allow our Eden Valley fruit to really open up and sing.

At just $28 a bottle, this is a stand out Cabernet and a must try.

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Record of Quality:

2016 Miss Bronte – Silver | 2018 Melbourne International Wine Competition, class: South Australian cabernet sauvignon up to $40